It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Okay, okay, so we don’t have snow or anything, but it has been super cold and a bit rainy here in Southern California, which has helped put us in the Christmas spirit. After last week’s busyness of Christmas programs, this week was busy with gifts and parties. And this weekend will be busy baking and packing!

The girls before the church Christmas program:


I don’t have many pictures, but here is Aliyah with her decorated gingerbread house, our favorite house while driving around looking at lights, and our toffee we made to start our weekend of baking.



Happy Thanksgiving Redo

Okay, maybe the crazy picture wasn’t the best choice for our family picture. Is this better?


We had a delicious meal (of course) in a beautiful place (amazing!) with wonderful people (naturally). Oh, and adorable place cards, made by Aliyah and Livi. So much to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving, from our crazy family to yours!


Picture Day at RCS

You all got to see Olivia’s pictures last week. This week Aliyah’s picture came. Here it is.

Aliyah JRK

She looks so cute! There is also a classroom picture but it isn’t on the disc. It will have to be scanned and posted later.  Perhaps when I post my Punkin’s school picture. She missed the first picture day, but retakes are Tuesday. I know you’ll be waiting impatiently.

First Lutheran School Pictures

We got Livi’s school pictures back. Here’s Little Miss Pink Eye. 🙂


I literally got her ready in 5 minutes, after spending 10 minutes trying to “un-stuck” her eyes. Her hair wasn’t even brushed. I think she’s still adorable, although I wish I would’ve noticed the bow on her right side wasn’t facing forward.

ImageAnd her tiny class!


Olivia’s House


More Art

Our tables and counters are covered with art and school papers again! Time to capture them on camera and get rid of a few.

Aliyah has now done letters A through D and has come home with some pretty cute crafts. They’re always making things with beads, feathers, fruit loops, and other creative things. Aliyah said her cloud was made with shaving cream, glue, and water (she thinks). And that dog–wow! I didn’t have the patience to do that intricate a craft with just my two kids. Her teacher and teacher aide are amazing!

Livi continues to paint every day. I think my favorites of this group are the green paintings. I love the blend of green shades. The “mystery student” was something hanging up at Open House night, and it had a piece of paper covering the kids’ pictures. It was cute to read each one and try to figure out who was who by lifting up the purple paper and seeing the cute face underneath.


I get to help out in Aliyah’s classroom next Friday. I can’t wait to see what they’ll do!